Monday, January 25, 2016

The Hero and the Rottweiler ~ Sentimental Sunday (thought of then.)

The Hero did flooring jobs to supplement his day time job income. His primary workers were his family members.
This one job was for a doctor resurfacing a second floor patio above the first floor patio.  Everyone was excited and thought, this will be a fast easy job.
The doctor had a pet Rottweiler.  He looked like this dog.
 A beautiful healthy, happy, big dog.  The guys were apprehensive at first about how he would accept them, but soon found him to be friendly and funny, because he would run up the stairs to greet them then his claws would slip on the wood floor and he would end up in all sorts of positions, and gyrations trying to get in control.  No one minded his presence, until... they noticed tools would go missing.  He would come out get petted and when they turned back to work, he would pick up a tool, tape, what ever was sitting there unattended, and quietly slip back inside.  This started causing lost time because the guys would have to go looking for the item, and would find it with their friend the dog. It ended in him being banned from the area, and them keeping a watchful eye in case someone would forget to close the door.  He was then such a sad dog looking longingly out the door.
The Hero laughed telling the story and loved petting the Rottweiler when he was there. The guys would hoot and laugh talking about his antics.  All in all, the Rottweiler made the job a fun one that had good memories.

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas ~ My Testimony of Jesus Christ, the Son of God

As I was contemplating my Christmas post, I was broadsided by a health affliction that left me in painful dark places reaching up for help.  One night, I wrestled almost the entire night with my feelings and thoughts until the Lord and I came to an agreement it was time to write my testimony for the future generations of my family.
It started with parents that had been taught of Christ.

My children have never known our home without Christ, but that doesn't mean that they didn't have to develop their own testimony. That is what one does.  You can't go on other's testimonies for all your life, at one point; you must develop your own. Over time my testimony of Christ and his divine mission has grown until it is just like breathing for me. It is me.
I will begin with what took a time for me to understand as my testimony was developing. I wondered, "How did God feel when he observed the atonement of Christ in Gethsemane?"  Then I wondered about how He felt when he withdrew himself from Christ while His son was facing the last hours during the Crucifixion.  I am not a Prophet or biblical scholar, just a child of God and a mother, so I am sure my perspective must come from there.  I felt as I was wrestling that night, that what God felt was gratitude.  Not pride in his Son, but gratitude for Christ facing his personal challenge and bearing it without being coerced and a pressured into those actions. Christ did his Father's will because it was his desire to do so and because he loved us. Christ embraced his Father, us, and the plan of Happiness in his actions, which testified to me that his actions were, in truth, a sacrifice.
"Christ in Gethsemane" by Heinrich Hofmann - Brigham Young University Museum of Art.1.

"Christ at the Cross - Cristo en la Cruz" by Carl Heinrich Bloch 2.

It all began on a night in Bethlehem when Christ came to this earth to be born to Mary in a lowly stable. Such a lovely tale, and I have crèches that I have collected to commemorate that event.  

God did not abandon Christ when he came to earth. He sent angels to guide and protect this family of Joseph, Mary, and Christ from the beginning. God is always with us. 
The babe in the manger that was Christ the Savior has been my friend and has always been the person for me to go to since I was little.  I remember seeking places to sit and talk with Jesus (another of Christ's names) when I was as young as 5 years old. If there were problems I didn't know how to deal with, I knew He was always there and listening. The comfort, the unfailing care, and the guidance I have received over the years, has never left me found wanting and always His footsteps has been a chosen path to follow.
I not only believe in Christ, I know He is there.  He cares for me, and He takes my up lifted hands and guides me.  He lives.  He is The Savior.  He is my all.
This is my Christmas testimony which I will save in 
Memories on FamilySearch for when my blog is long gone. 
~Frances Ellsworth

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Ed Langley and Ethel Grote

Near last week's tombstone was my Aunt and Uncle.  Edwin R Langley was the brother of my father and Dora Langley... (she will be for next week).

My cousin and I had been talking about family history via email.  In our conversations were discussions about tombstones.  He decided he wanted to personalize his parent's tombstone with a picture.  He did some study on it and this was his final email on the subject.
"Dad purchased the cemetery lots and this stone about 5+ years before he died.  He put a lot of thought into the stone and was very proud of the fact he got it done.  I have always been amazed at the pictures on some of the older stones that are always very clear and never seem to fade even when facing the sun…..recently I found out that the reason for never fading is because they are ceramic (imagine that!!!!).   Recently I sent you a pic that I took from a portriat that was taken when mom and dad were in their mid-40's which they both liked.  I have decided to add a ceramic pic to the headstone  using the one I sent you…..I think they would approve."
I agreed. I think they would have been greatly pleased.

The picture he chose.

Ethel is the Daughter of  George and Hattie Grote

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ Grandchild Number 3

Bright and shining Copper Top...
Princess Dynamo... She was always moving.
This is the story of  the Hero helping save her

She had a special relationship with her uncle.
He loved watching her and had a way with helping with getting her to take a nap.

This was one of my favorite studio pictures of her.
She did not grow up to be a phone person.

Her 6th birthday. She was flexible with celebrations. Look at that copper hair.

Always animated... Here she is at her uncle's wedding and freezing.
 If she had to smile she would give it her best.

She became quite the multi media artist.  

2010 such a sweetheart.
 She sings and helps.
A naturally good person.

She asked if I could make her a mermaid costume in 2014,
then she decided that she could do it herself.
What a great job she did.

She has started performing with a local theater group.
She sings and dances.
Her personality sparkles

This is her scrapbook page I made especially for her.
I adore being with her.

May you all enjoy your Treasures.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday

A post by Amy Johnson Crow took me to my cemetery pictures to see if I was following her "5 Photos You Should Take at the Cemetery"
I was good.  Whew.  Want to make sure time is not wasted when making the trip and stop.
Below is the picture of my Aunt and Uncle's Parents.  My dad's brother and sister married a brother and sister.  Those are for easy genealogy lines. JI was looking for their tombstones, which I did get, when I noticed most of the Grote family is buried in close proximity, I went ahead a grabbed a picture of  the parents tombstone.
Tombstone for George and Hattie Grote and their son Delbert.
A close up: 

I made sure I could read the epitaph.
"At rest but not forgotten"

The cemetery sign was a must since a huge number of my dad's family is buried there.

I went a little back wards at this, but I did the work. Happy Tombstone Day,
This is for Kenny and his cousins.