Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sentimental Sunday The Hero Wore Hats

Today is National Hat Day.  Thought I would have some fun. We still have most of the Hero's hats.  Just can't seem to part with them.
Here are some of his styles. ; )
The Hero Hat Styles ages 10 to 62


  1. I want all his hats... He'd want me to have them... LOL! Dad had AWESOME hat style! He got it from his dad. And I got mine from my Dad... wonder what happened with his sons (BWAHAHAHA!) I'll be good tomorrow.

  2. mE you have his "Russian" hat. That is you in the picture with him. LOL... you can be good tomorrow. ; )

  3. Ooohhh! Love the one in the Cowboy Hat! He looks very handsome!

  4. Mily I get one too. Afterall I was always known as the hat daughter :p
    btw Mom where is a pic of him in his English style newsies cap?

  5. Smiling! Great stuff, nice job on the collage.