Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories No. 2: Holiday Foods

I have been avoiding posting, so much going on with family loss and challenges.  But I saw AnceStories post and decided I need to get a grip and enjoy the Holidays sharing memories.
Holiday Foods
In our family, there are many memories around Holiday Foods.
Two years ago, I shared GreatGrandmother Sackley Ellsworth's Rum Balls. Last year it was my mother's Date Roll.
This year it will be Great Aunt Mary Gadleman Ellsworth's Cheese Cake. 
When Holidays rolled around We would all gather at either the Hero's mom's house or his uncles. They are all gone now, but the memories live on.  

Mary's recipe from the Ellsworth Domestic Goddess Cookbook by
Aine Ellsworth Schulmire


  1. Fran, Nice to see a post. I'm sorry if you have been having a rough time lately. I hope you have a "Merry Little Christmas" - one of my favorite Christmas carols.

  2. LOL - I can't find ANY of the copies of the cookbook I kept for us! o_O