Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Past Can Give Us Direction

Studying the events of the day can sometimes take us back to learning of our past if we are looking to the cause and effect of actions and looking to not making the same mistakes.

I was studying the U.S. Constitution and I came across facts that made me thankful for the heritage I have.  I have written about my ancestor's (Benanuel Bonfoey) testimony of the good character of George Washington.  This line is through my mother.  Her grandfather George Washington Roberts fought for the United States.  During the Civil War (I have ancestors on both sides as do most), he fought to preserve the Union.  Just as his ancestor fought to make a Union, he fought to make that dream of his ancestor continue as conceived.  Benanuel fought at Valley Forge.  I did not know the total facts until just now (American History class just said they suffered and we went on)  There were 8000 men originally, 3000 abandoned and went home, 200 officers resigned, and over 2000 died of starvation and disease due to exposure.  Benanuel looked to the positive side and had a vision of what he wanted for his family and hung in there to see it through.  How thankful I am that he stuck it out so I can have the priviledges I do now. 

I think that is where I am in my feelings about this nation now.  My ancestors fought to create this nation, and then their prodigenity worked hard to up hold the Constitution and the Country.  I must follow suit to help my children and grandchildren.  Some of my help may be in teaching of their forefathers, and some may be to raise my voice in unison with those who are trying to uphold the Constitution and this Nation as One Nation Under God.  Facts are facts and principles are principles.  There are true principles in the Constitution and we need to seek and uphold truth.

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