Saturday, September 5, 2009

School Pictures Record How We Grow

It is funny how the mere mention of School pictures still brings back negative feeling into my mind. Some of it was because my mother always decided to try something new (the night before the pictures!) for the school pictures. One year it was a permanent, the next it was rag rollers, and it went on and on. Oh well, I survived it and so did my children. Now it is fun to look back and see how we grew. The first of my pictures is myself first at 6 then 15.

The second pair of pictures is my lovely daughter, my first, and as you can see the schools have themes in their pictures by this time. This is the same daughter that is a contributor here.
This is her in the 4th grade, then 1st year in college.

This set of pictures is of my cousin that I have gotten back in contact with for the first time in years. I wonder what he thought of his grade school picture? The second is his graduation picture.

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  1. Wow. If you had someone do an age enhancement of yours and your cousin's photos this is exactly what they would have come up with.
    You daughter looks similar but there seems to be more changes in her face. Maybe it is the makeup.