Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sentimental Sunday The Hero and Plumbing

We lived in Houston for the first few years of our married life.  The first house we bought was a small 2 bedroom house in the Heights, with an enclosed back porch, and an unattached garage.
My dad was a frequent visitor as he was disabled (remember he broke his hip on his amputated leg).  We turned the back porch into a guest bedroom for him. There was one problem. He did not like coming through our bedroom to get to the only bathroom, so the Hero decided to fix him a shower and toilet in the workshop in the garage.  He could then just walk out to the bathroom without coming through our room.  This sounds easy enough.  The Hero worked hard and got everything installed in time to proudly show it to my dad the next time he came to visit. 
The next morning the Hero and I left for work. That evening on arriving home, I found my dad in a bit of a tizzy.  Yes, that is a good word for it.  My daughters loved on him and he was better after a bit, so I asked what happened during the day.  "Well," says he, "I went out to my bathroom to go to the potty.  Sat down and not a second later I was being showered by hot water.  I had to 'jump up' and escape."  (I started to smile.) "It wasn't funny.  I couldn't get my pants up very fast and I got soaked!"  (I had tried to keep a straight face, now I giggled.)  "Oh, all right, I know it sounds funny, but it is a good thing the Hero wasn't here or I would have gotten him for sure!"
Of course, you know, that he was lying in wait for the Hero when he got home.  First thing the Hero heard when he walked in the door was "You soaked me in the garage bathroom!"
He was baffled. "What are you all talking about?"  After the story was told, he went out to the garage to investigate what had happened.  He came in with sheepish look on his face and said, "I guess I forgot to glue that joint after I checked to see if it would fit. Sorry."
My dad wasn't a harsh person, but he never let the Hero forget that he had not glued the pipe and when repairing the plumbing on the farm he would say, "and this is how you glue the pipes."  ; )
We would all laugh.
Grandchildren, while your granddadE was not proficient in plumbing, he was able to learn to do the basics and always tried to grow in knowledge.  Never be afraid to learn something new.
Love you.


  1. Oh, what a great family story, Man hates plumbing!! LOL

  2. Hahaha - and then I married Redbeard, who's just as bad. =D