Monday, September 20, 2010

Sharing a Slice of Life #18: Random Picture Day

Our challenge was to take a picture at random from our picture box and blog about it.  Go over to Sharing a Slice of Life to join our fun.  I just read SouthernArkies post about her picture of a sewing room.  What a memory.
If you have visited before you know, I blog about my Hero, my husband every Sunday.  As it happens the Hero is in this picture. 
The picture was taken in my Uncle Ed's kitchen on his farm in Pawnee, Oklahoma about 1973.  The jacket the Hero is wearing was one that I had sewn for him.  He loved it and wore it out.  Also pictured is my dad sitting at the table, and my Uncle Ed standing and rubbing his eye. 
It is a standard kitchen, but it represents what I had always hoped for but never achieved in my own home.  Everyone migrated to the kitchen to visit.  I never had a kitchen to sit in.
When I was growing up, the living room was for formal guests, only family or close friends were invited beyond.  The kitchen was the place you sat down at the table and had a cup of something, and visited.  Old times were talked about.  Card games were played here.  Needs and challenges were discussed. Sometimes tears were shed.   It represents closeness, family, and love. 
The Kitchen, a place where the body and soul were seen and fed. 


  1. I know that kitchen. Not that particular one, but one just almost like it. Blue dinette with matching vinyl standing gas stove...always the smell of peas and cornbread cooking (grandma) ..but I didn't have this growing up either. We always seemed to have a separate dining room. Great slice of life photo!

    And thank you for visiting my blog!

  2. The kitchen was never an important gathering place in my family home as a kid and it hasn't been for my family as an adult. However, thinking back to my Grams and Pop Pop's home the kitchen was the gathering place for family....and primarily for the women. Lots of chit chat over cups of coffee or tea. Thanks for sharing your past and I'll have to mozie on over to Sharing a Slice of Life.

  3. I don't Mom, I remember lots of laughter and fun cooking in the kitchen. And more often than not we ate standing or sitting at the kitchen bar attached to the island. It is one of the reasons I want an island so bad. B/c I can see myself doing cookies and fun recipes when my own kids. I even remember being in tears in the kitchen and getting comforted there. Sounds like you achieved your goal to me :P

  4. Kitchen visitors were/ are very common in my family. There is something about gathering around a kitchen table :-)

  5. The kitchen is in the heart of the home. Great picture!

  6. It's a great picture, i think. A kitchen full of men waking up and starting their day.
    When my kids are here, they all want to be at the table..
    But what really touched me was seeing the jacket you made for hero..made me remember all the suits and leisure suits I made hubby for church in the seventies..Sweet Memories.

  7. This is a great slice of life, Mom. And you're too hard on yourself. Surprised me, you did. Wasn't expecting one like this!