Sunday, November 21, 2010

100th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy "There's one in every family!"

This post is for the 100th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy at Creativegene's
Lynn at 19
Our family was blessed to have an aunt that was of a colorful character.  She was opinionated, outspoken about her opinions, loving, and caring.  She also had an attitude of gratitude of family visiting, calling, or inviting her to their home.  Her home was in Pawnee, Oklahoma, while we lived in Texas near Houston.  It was a wee bit of a drive.  It was her house the Hero rode the tornado out in the bathtub.  She got a giggle out of that.
Her favorite activity was to crochet, and second to find collector pigs.  She and my uncle raised pigs on their farm for years.  We bought her a pair of pink piggy shoes for her 74th birthday.  She loved them and wore them all the time.  Wish I had a picture of her in them.
One of our favorite stories of Aunt Lynn was a Sunday church meeting.  They served the bread and water for sacrament.  She was curious why the young men serving did something and leaned over to ask about it in a not too quiet voice.  Down the line of 6 children and a son in law went the "Shhhhh". To which, she turned around and looked defiantly at me to say.  "I will not be Shushed!"  in a not too quiet voice.  The whole pew of children instantly broke out in giggles.  I was helpless, because, I too was stifling a giggle.
I remember her when I was growing up, with her hair tousled, smudges of dirt on her face from working with the men as they were planting or haying.  She loved being outdoors and loved being active.  When they placed her in a nursing home we were all sad.  The Hero and I would drive 8 hours to pick her up to bring her down for a holiday.  We wanted her to be apart of our children's lives.  She was the only living child of my grandmother.  So she was their link to the past.     She and Texasblu shared a birthday.  The youngest daughter buys a token pig every year in her memory.  They all remember and laugh at the memory some of her sayings, such as "If you don't mind, I'm going to cut your head off and spit in the hole."  Doesn't sound nice, but she stood about 4'11" and weighed about 99 lbs, not your fierce type.  She also taught the youngest son the rhyme about Beans the Magical Flute.  Don't ask.
She died in May of 2000 just after her birthday.  We all felt as if a special part of us had been removed.  It was our last trip to Pawnee.  The town is just not the same anymore.