Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sentimental Sunday, The Hero Was a Poet

I have shared my side of the experience of having our first child if you want to understand the Hero's poem you can click here and read the background.
We were very close and the thought of being parted at the very important event was painful.  He, being the writer he was, wrote a poem to allow me to know his thoughts while we were parted.
I Forgot to Tell You
I forgot to tell you
I forgot to hold you
I forgot to kiss you!
You slipped from me
and delivered she
without my hand to comfort thee.
That moment I regret
For I know how you must wept.
It would have only been a threat of time
To hold and squeeze you as though you were mine.
And so I must write this rhyme
To let you know I worried for you
To let you know
I love you.