Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sentimental Sunday...The Hero Got to Share.

When the Hero was about 2, his mother said his twin
was diagnosed with Rickets Disease.  At the time the treatment for a child was cod liver oil.  In her mind, if it was good for one, then the other would do well with it too, so, they both got cod liver oil daily. 
Must have worked because neither had bone challenges as they grew.
Wonder what his memories of the taste of cod liver oil was?  We never used it, maybe that's why.?
I know our first daughter won't touch anything that has to do with a fish...just you think that would be passed on in the genes?  Interesting thought.  Glad it wasn't me, I only had cod liver oil once because my cousins and I ate half a red wagon full of raw corn.  Not as pleasant memory.  Don't think my aunt meant it to be.  Ah life is full of memories.


  1. Well I keep hearing that fish oil is highly recommended today...maybe the Hero's mom was on to something :)

  2. And those were the days that cod liver oil cured all---or you just dinna want to be sick enough for the cure. Yuck!

  3. We take CLO regularly around here. The naturally fermented kind, not the over processed junk. You know I live in Florida but a few years ago when I was tested my doc said I was so low in vitamin D that I was off the charts. Got my attention. I can't recall being sick a day since I started taking it...and I had the flu twice the previous year. Just saying....

  4. I don't ever remember taking cod liver oil-but I did have to take castor oil-and it was nasty nasty : ) Neat that hero was a twin.