Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sentimental Sunday The Hero Through His Mother's Eyes

I was visiting with the Hero's mother while she was in Rehabilitation Hospital.  We were discussing how hard it was for her to get up to do the exercises.  She expressed her feeling that she is 91 and feels the heaviness of being closer to the end of her life.  This led to the discussion of how the Hero had handled his last days with grace and forbearance. 

The Hero is on the right.
Her next comment surprised me.  She said he was always strong and bore pain well.  She went on to explain that when he was about 3, his sister had slammed the car door shut on his finger.  She could remember how he just stood, looking in surprise at the door and that his finger was still there.

They went to the doctor to have it looked at and stitched.  He obediently gave his hand to the doctor to look at, and quietly watched as the doctor stitched his finger.  His mom was impressed.
She ended by saying "I hope I can bear my last days as well as he did."
Given the knowledge that she has COPD, I pray that her last days will not be unbearable too.


  1. She looks pretty chipper to me, what a great smile. Nice memories she shared with you.

  2. Carol, the picture is 5 months ago. That being said she still looks great. She is just feeling tired and letting things get to her which is unusual for her.

  3. What a nice photograph, and what a good memory of your husband when he was younger. I hope your mother-in-law can continue to be strong.

  4. Looks like the genes for strength run in the Hero's family!

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