Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Favorite Technology for Genealogy

I love the internet.  Google,, Ancestry, Heritage, GenealogyBank, and a multitude of other site out there.
Digitalizing my family tree has been great. I have been experimenting with RootsMagic, Legacy, and Ancestral Quest to find which works best for me since PAF will not be moving forward.  I have it backed up by DropBox and I have uploaded it on Ancestry and Pedigree Resource file.  The latter I don't think I would have if I had realized it was going to be used other than reaching out with research.  I guess I have to say I mostly use my laptop. 
Oh, and yes, I love digital Scrapbooking. I never scrapbooked before because of the materials and space it took.   Now, with Corel Photo Elements and , I am able to create scrapbook pages quite economically.
As you know, I recently received my Kindle, and have already found many free old genealogy research books that I can download, such as Chicago City Directories on Google.  It makes it easier to browse through.
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I used Google Maps, PDF download of the Directories, and to create a page that pinpoints where the Hero's great great grandfather lived in Chicago in 1855-1856.

  At the Library I have to say being able to scan and print from film is a great change from the old days of having to remove the film, take to a scan printer and print. 

All I have shared is probably way outdated already, but some of us are slow or financially handicapped to buy the flip scanners etc.. I do have a digital camera I am trying to get better at.
With that I will stop before I look anymore foolish.