Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sentimental Sunday... The Hero Had His Limits

Hero and I having a noise maker fight
This is a story on my notorious habit of teasing.  The second year of our marriage, the Hero had figured out that I was a terrible tease. I would tickle, hide and jump out, spar with him, etc.  The Hero would remind me that he was tired and I should stop.  One time in the kitchen, I snuck up behind him at the end of an otherwise tiring day for the Hero.  I grabbed his waist and started tickling him.  He totally reacted.  He turned around and whack, he hit me on the shoulder with the small cast iron skillet in his hand.  Surprised with wide open mouth I said "You hit me!"  Just as surprised, he replied "Yes, I told you to stop. You didn't." After the shock was over, we made up. It never happened again, however I will admit that there were times a key word, frying pan, would be a warning.  I was a naughty girl, the story was retold through the years.
What brought this story to you was Little Miss Sunshine came in laughing saying "Have you see Rapunzel?"  'No'  "I so thought of dad when I was watching the movie and Rapunzel hit the thief with the frying pan. Later, he said, 'a frying pan, who knew?'  It immediately sent me off in a thought of dad." 
Stories when told become memories that can be brought forth with the right trigger.  Keep your stories alive. Tell them to your family so they can be retold.