Friday, June 17, 2011

Follow Friday A New Missouri Research Help Site.

Follow Friday, I am highlighting another state research community on Facebook.  FamilySearch has added another favorite state of mine. Oh, did I say favorite, hmm maybe not.   How about a much visited state to search for ancestors. My grandfather was born in Missouri and his grandparents came there in the 1820's.
Research in Missouri is not always easy, not necessarily because of the records. Rather because of the attitudes of many of the early settlers, case in point Daniel Boone. 
Daniel said the reason he went to the upper Missouri under Spanish rule was because one, the description by other men who had been there, "These men talked of the beauty of that region: they had stories to tell of the grizzly bears, buffaloes, deer, beavers, and otters..."1.       
Daniel went to Missouri for elbow-room.  He was looking for less government involvement in his life.  It worked for a short while under Spanish rule then American enterprise came upon his again and he submitted this time. Just one example of those that went there because the east was "crowding them" 1. 
I put a link below to his book written originally in 1844.  It has great insights into a pioneer mindset.

FamilySearch as started the Missouri Genealogy Research Community on FaceBook.
It is based on the principles of Ask a question, Find an answer, and Teach others what you know.
Stop by and join in the conversation or share a story about an area, ask if anyone knows a surname. We hope to see you there. Yes, I already liked Missouri and it comes in my wall feed when someone has something to say.  One person said 'Y'all will never known what you will find in Missouri..there is a reason it is the Show ME! state'
Would love to have fun with you as I tear my hair out searching for my hard headed Missourians who eventually became Okies. Go Figure.

1. Daniel Boone: His Own Story   By Daniel Boone, Francis Lister Hawkes

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