Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sentimental Sunday... The Hero, the Orange VW Bus saga begins

I really hope you won't get tired of the Orange VW bus. It was a fun time that the Hero and I had.  It was a learning curve for him and myself. I had never driven a floor stick shift before.  Especially one that stuck 3 foot up in the air almost between the two seats.
Moving right along.

The first task the Hero attacked was to turn the back seat into a "bed seat".  He took a sheet of plywood, cut it to the size of the back seat bottom and a matching piece for the back.  He then bought some hinges and attached them together to allow the back to be laid flat.  His hardest endeavor was to fasten the back up when it was supposed to be being used as a seat.  Some way he managed to find a piece that he attached to the back of the seat that a pole could be inserted in.  Then on the base of the back seat he found a pole on a hinge.  I am clueless where he found everything.  After a week, he had himself a bona fide seat that laid down into a bed that he had constructed all by himself.  Yes, he was doing the dance.  I was left to pad and upholster.  It was a bit warm as part of the bed was over the engine.
Next he turned his attention to making a table.  That was easier.  The holder in the floor and the bottom of the table was available at Van stores.  He just had to cut the table to size and attach.  His only problem was he would have to set the table out when we made down beds. That is for another story.
He bought blinds for the sides and back, but for the front windows, he had me make screens with Velcro to attach them.  He thought of everything.  This was his VAN, and he was the creator of it's personality.  I so wish I had a picture of him with it, but that time period appears to be missing in pictures, just present in my mind. 

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  1. What happy memories that bus must have held. I enjoyed hearing about it.