Friday, February 17, 2012

Follow Friday The 1940 Census

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I was browsing today and was excited to see that the tickers are getting very close to the final count down for the 1940 Census Records release.  Will we all be on the internet either on twitter, G+, Facebook, or blogging counting down together on April 2 ( 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - ! )?  I check the website frequently to remind me how close the date is.  You can follow with me. See the links below.
The desire is to have people from the state they live in or the state(s) they are researching in do the indexing for that area. This should increase accuracy... and maybe even some serendipitous moments of finding a family member.   The questions have been posed as to how are they going to get the proper state to us.  I am still waiting for that answer.
I have volunteered to index for Texas. My gr gr gr grandfather came to Texas in 1842.  Yes, I plan to apply for First Texas First Family Certificate, so far not enough time for that lineage paper. I have covered a fair amount of the state for my family and the Hero's family as well as my son-in-law's family.  I digress, but the point is I am ready for Texas.  Bring it on!
Have you volunteered to index.  You are not being asked to index it all by yourself just to do what you can, every sheet counts.  I have been so blessed by the many  records helping me find my family online that I am excited to give back.

At this website 1940 Census, you can see all the organizations teaming together to make this happen 1940 Census Project .  If you are a regular or old FamilySearch indexer you might want to check this website, 1940 Federal Census  This is a how to do it if you don't have an index. Stephen's One Step to the 1940 Federal Census.  We are armed and ready.
What ever site you would want to sign up on, I would encourage you to join us in the count down, today it is 45 days and moving down...  In the words of that great Price Is Right, "Come on down!"

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