Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sentimental Sunday The Hero Was Proud of His Eagle Scout

Today is Scout Sunday.  As I listened to the men and boys speak of the positive aspects of scouting, I remembered the young years when the Hero served as a Scout leader. He loved the ideals that Scouting taught the young men.  He went on camp outs, to scout camp, always concerned the boys would have a good experience.   Later when he was sick he served as the person who taught and signed off on the Merit Badge for Citizenship for the Community and Citizenship for the Nation.
Our first son was the victim of a poor scout leader and an ignorant mom, so he got close but did not get to finish to his Eagle Scout. The Hero was sad for him.

Our second son was privileged to have many wonderful scout leaders and a supportive mom and dad (we learned our lesson).  He earned his Eagle Scout.  If you would like to read the account of the award click here  , it was special for both.
The Hero was excited that our son made it and that he was able to be there to see him receive the award.
My son now encourages his nephews to do scouting because of the principles taught.

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