Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sentimental Sunday The Hero Was Always There To Help

It was a pleasant month of May.  We took the Blue Van with all the children to go pick my daughter up to take her home from Brigham Young University.  We had fun exploring the Provo area and camping in Utah, it was beautiful.  As we started home, it actually was hot.  The first part of the trip was Interstate Highway 70 over to Colorado.  At Green River, Utah, we asked what the weather was like a head. At this point, we were in Short sleeves, shorts, and had the A/C on.  The truck stop said no inclement weather is forecast, should be good traveling.  We were not mountain people. We believed what they told us.
This was our usual behavior bantering. 

Wanting to get back to work, the Hero decided that we could take turns driving so we could arrive home by noon the next day.  We decided at Grand Junction, Colorado to take Highway 50 across to Interstate 25.  I would take the first shift driving and he would sleep since the roads were nice and not much traffic.  He knew that driving in the mountains was NOT my favorite thing to do.  It was pleasant driving until I passed Gunnison then it began to be drizzly.  Not too bad to drive in; I just slowed down a bit.  I was approaching Monarch pass when the drizzle turned into drops, then slushy drops, I was about half way up to the pass when it turned into SNOW!  I was not equipped to do this. My first instinct was to yell, "Hero"! "Wake up!"
Wikipedia.  We could not see the building as we passed it.

He sat up with a jerk hearing the tone in my voice and said "What's going on?"  At this point, I could no longer see the road but if I pulled close to the mountain (the wrong side of the road) I could tell where it was supposed to be and there was a car about 3 links in front of me I could make out the lights of.  The wind was blowing the snow around, I said "It looks like a white out."  He immediately reacted with "Pull over". My response was "Where?"  It was obvious we could not tell where the side of the road was.  So he asked nicely, "What do you want me to do?"  "Pray!"  He chuckled and said "Yes, I will".  He did say a prayer for our safety, especially since we saw the car in front of us slide to a stop off to the side of the road.  

As I drove, there were little puffs of wind that would clear my vision for a short distance through the pass.  As we started down, the Hero and the children awake sang hymns to soothe my tense self.  I went slowly. Then as we left the pass down, the snow slowed, and we met a BIG semi coming up the mountain. Prayers of thanks went up that we had not met him at the top.  The snow turned into slush, then drizzle until we got to the bottom and it wasn't even raining.
I was so frazzled that the Hero took over the driving, because he was keyed up from the experience.  He drove all the way through Raton pass, then woke me up for me to take over.
I was so grateful for his support and spiritual boost when I felt overwhelmed. Could not have done it without his presence.  I miss our trips.

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