Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sentimental Sunday The Hero Was Humble

Did you miss the Hero Story last week?  I did.  I forgot my own personal quote:"Sometimes you get so busy you have a hard time choosing which flower to smell...The trick is not ot allow things that are not essential to  block out that which is essential, so remember to STOP and enjoy the flowers filled with the sent of life." --The Hummer
This story was a painful one for the Hero.  It was not pain for himself rather pain for his child.
Have you ever been so upset and angered over someone's behavior you were ready to pick up and move?  This is where this event took the Hero.
Our son loved Boy Scouts.  He always looked forward to the yearly summer Scout Camp.  He had never had friends in his own troop, but at Camp he was able to make friends there.  His second year, we were apprehensive because some of the boys who were going had been ugly and physically abusive to him.
We trusted the leader and let him go.  When we picked our son up he told us that some of the young men had gone into his tent and had urinated on his sleeping bag, among other things.  He told us because he anticipated the boys fathers calling us, which they did.  However, the boys never apologized and the leaders never applied any disciplinary action other than telling the boys' parents.  They continued to assist them in getting their Eagle.
The Hero was incensed, he felt justice had not come forth for his son.  He went so far as to look into going 65 miles away to church, but our son said "No, dad, it is something I need to work out. We need to stay where we are supposed to be."  Of course, The Hero could have said you don't know what you are talking about, and taken us anyway.  We would have gone, but he didn't he was humble enough to listen to his son and learned from the example his son showed in forgiving and never saying harsh words about those who had tormented him.  He was humble enough to learn from his son. All turned out well for our son; he is a wonderful man.   I am thankful for both of them.  

The Hero with our son and his new wife at Mount Timpanogos Temple

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  1. A beautiful story/memory. Lessons here, lots of lessons.