Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sentimental Sunday 'A Moment in Time'... A Hero memory

As we began the drive into town, my son popped a cd in to the cd player.  Little did he know that with first strain of music, I was transported back to 2002.

The road faded away, and I saw the Hero's office. There was the deep green carpet, the sun streaming through the open room with the Hero sitting at his desk. He turned around when he heard the door opening and a smile spread from his eyes to his lips when he saw it was me.
"Hi, honey.  I'll be done in a minute and we can go to lunch."
I grinned for I knew that meant another 30 minutes.
Not to be deterred from what I had been planning, I walked over behind him an said "I heard a song today that reminded me of  us.  Give me a second and ..." With that I reached past him, and popped my CD into his CD drive on his laptop.
As the music pulsed into the room, I couldn't help myself (I love to dance); I began to tap my foot and then to sway back and forth. He laughed, got up, took me in his arms and we danced around the room.
The music stopped on my car player, but the intense feelings of love and happiness continued, letting me know I needed to write this story.
How nice to have lovely moments in time be triggered in our minds.
The music was a song by Celine Dion.  "I'm Alive"


  1. Fran, I enjoyed your story and the music video. You are blessed to have such lovely memories. Shari

  2. This is wonderful - thank you for sharing!!

  3. Lovely song and lovely memories, Fran :-) Jo

  4. What a sweet memory to have and the love you shared was so special . . . so glad that you have those to sustain you for forever more. Thank you for sharing, Hummer.