Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Writing Family History

I have been slacking as of late and have been trying to get myself motivated again.  In answer to my need, enters Lynn Palermo of The Armchair Genealogist returning with the Family History Writing Challenge .
This is a great!  Just the push I needed.  Well, that along with the fact I am helping my cousins family motivate their mother to write her stories.  I know, that is a bit selfish on my part too, as she is the last person old enough to remember my gr grandmother, who heard her stories.
If you have been in a slump, or over technicalized or thinking about writing your family history, this is a great motivation blog to assist you.  Lynn has many writing helps on her blog.
Thanks Lynn for caring to share and motivate others!
The Hummer is motivated, now I have to start writing again.  Hmmmm...  which line of genealogy shall I start on.  Watch for a new Hero post on Sunday, already have that scheduled.  Get Ready... Go!
Missouri family collage and resources for research

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