Saturday, October 24, 2015

Surname Saturday ~ And They Became One

One starry night on October 24th, 1970, a couple professed their vows to love and cherish each other, and she took his surname as hers to honor.
In their toast to each other, it was made mention of a “toast to their love together forever”, and so it is and forever shall be.
This 45th anniversary is celebrated by the bride with his memory at her side.  God has sent a promise that though they are parted, they shall one day be reunited. 
My hero is missed but not forgotten, and ever waited upon for the loving reunion.



  1. Love and congratulations on your wonderful memories.

  2. Blessings on this special day. I read this blog whenever I see a link on fb. Fran, I can feel your love for your husband and family when I read different things you kindly share. On this blog, you express sweetness and true feeling. Angels on you.

    1. You know I love your comments. You have been a good friend on twitter and FB for a long time. Thank you.