Friday, October 30, 2015

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ Grandchild 2

I know you are sitting there thinking good grief... but wait 'til I get through with all 25.
The second granddaughter and grandchild was just perfect.  She has been a delight to see growing up, full of vim and vinegar. 

A delight to her aunts and so gullible. They loved playing with her..
We had many photo sessions that showed she wasn't a happy camper with a camera pointed at her.

Look at that long beautiful blond hair. 

A beautiful shot her mom got of her with her lovely laugh. I love joking with her.

A bit theatrical and sassy, she has developed a talent for dancing, This was a model shoot for a student cosmetologist.

She is a righteous young lady. She got up at 5 am to attend Seminary Studies. This is her graduation.
Today. Her at her sister's wedding.  Turned into a beauty in and out.
My happy girl.
This is her scrapbook page.

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