Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolutions and Other Hopes.

I am hoping that this year by writing goals, I will not be found sleeping like my grandson through great opportunities.
My first goal is to be active in pursuing correct informaion.  (My friends like Lori are aiding me in that task).
The second goal is to make posts that are informative as well as pertaining to families I am researching at the time. ( Since I have become a member of the genealogy bloggers, I have had wonderful examples of how to present posts in this manner) Thanks to all.
The third goal is making time to research in the library.  Online is great, but I love browsing through the books and films.  Sometimes indexers and abstracters can miss an important bit of information. (Like the name of a son).
Fourth and last, I am not pushing the envelope.  I know my limits.  I will finish the task of organizing my files of family history so that they can be accessed for sharing with others and my family would not be left wanting if something happened to me.