Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sentimental Sunday The Hero and The New Baby

The Hero always tried to keep a sense of humor when things were not as he thought they should be.  When our 4th child was born, it was a particularly long labor, and we were concerned.  Of course I am not really sure if the Hero and the doctor knew it was a long labor because they amused themselves swapping army stories across my bed as I experienced the back labor.  LOL
Back to the Hero.  When I was finally close to delivery, the doctor had to push the baby back up the birth canal to reposition its head.  That wasn't pleasant.  It had been back labor because the baby's head was positioned wrong. 
After he repositioned her, she was born in 3 minutes.  I was ecstatic and the nurse was also.  My baby girl was beautiful and she was in my arms!  While the Hero was happy too, he couldn't resist a bit of humor.  "Oh, my," he said,"she looks like she's been hit in the head with a brick."  (Because of her position, the frontal skull was pressed down and the back was pushed up.  Just in case you didn't know.)
He laughed for years as he would tell about how he had thought the nurse was either going to murder him or toss him out on his head.  Rightly so, Milly was beautiful.