Sunday, October 17, 2010

Who Says Technical Can't Be Feminine

One of the #genealogy twitter bunch talked about a new thumb drive that was out.  I was intrigued, so I looked.  It was a pretty bracelet she was talking about.  I had to buy it of course.  So, here is my newest technology gift to me.

Now I can look fashionable and be technically ready to capture my data. ; ) Don't you think I'm pretty? LOL 


  1. Well, how clever is that...where on earth did you find it?
    If I wanted to be a volunteer for FindAGrave, how would I do that????
    I'm just full of questions, huh?

  2. Hey Glenda, It is neat, and pretty to.
    First FindAGrave, go here and register. or maybe it says join. Then on the front page, it says join out community, as well as a bunch of things you can do with FindAGrave.
    Second, the bracelet. Some really interesting products.
    Thanks for stopping by. Frances

  3. You look gorgeous with that new bracelet one :)

  4. Love the bracelet/thumb drive!

  5. Hummer...been off for a few days visiting the Scottish Highland games...this is just awesome!! I saw that post too and am intrigued by the thumb drive. I pat myself on the back for being more "techy" than my kids or grandkids and I thought at the time that this is a "must" for me! I am definitely looking into it this month! Thanks for the great post, looks awesome on femitech! LOL!

  6. So what do the young techies kids think of it? any comments yet form them? It must be so handy or handsless handy. lol.

    Just saw your post as I stopped in to edit a picture. Mother-in-law remembered I wanted them Identified, so she did today. I'm embarassed to say it's been that long since I went to the roots of it all. thanks.