Monday, February 28, 2011

Amanuensis Monday Letter of Ray Whitson to Little Sister Last Installment

We left off last Monday with Ray telling his sister Mary that  their father had cancer and they had to amputate his leg...
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that he became irritable and short tempered.  No one will ever know what he went through in the suffering, later he would hold his stump in his hands to keep it from jerking.  He didn't have the pain pills we have today.  His body finally rejected aspirins.  He got to where he would take a dozen at one time and it did not help much.
I think this would adversely  affect anyone, don't you?
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Dear Mary I will quit for now.  I will tr to fill in gaps that I have overlooked.  I have always loved the memory of my kids but like my dad I have accepted it as something I had to give up and live with.
Your Brother Ray
P.S. it the other kids would like to read the details of dad's life will you let them?

Taken in front of Service Station. 

[My mother made copies for those that had been too young to remember their father and gave it to them.  She was very grateful to Ray for sharing, and had an empathy for the pain her father had with his leg loss as my father lost his leg also.  I have empathy for both. I grew up watching the challenges an amputation gave my father, and then the pain the Hero had with cancer...I can only imagine how bad it would have been before the pain medication of today.]
So grandchildren, what do you think?  Would you have wanted to have known your great grandfather? I wish I had known him, and my mother does too.  Thank goodness for those who share their memories.

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