Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sentimental Sunday... The Hero and an Orange Bus story

The first experience the Hero and I had of desert like weather was when we went to Arizona to visit.  It was mid to late May.  In Texas it was already very warm to hot.  We packed accordingly.  It was before the days of internet checking weather. 
While we were there, we visited the Grand Canyon with his sister, and a some ghost towns. It was cold at the Grand Canyon and we had to borrow coats to when we explored.
The Hero with daughter #2, a niece, daughter #1, nephew and moi.
Our time visiting the Hero's sister was wonderful. The time in Mesa was wonderful. Then, it was time to go back home. We made our plans to go through the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest on the way back.  We wanted to see as much as we could because a trip was a premium item for us.  After fond good byes, we headed back toward Texas.  The trip through the Painted Desert was hot and dry.  I look back now and think why didn't I take pictures of the family with the landscape.  Books with pictures of the Painted Desert landscape are readily available in stores and on the internet. My family at the Painted Desert is not there and won't be, because I took a picture of what the desert looked like. Take a lesson from me and make memories that count. 

The trip through the Painted Desert took longer than we anticipated.  We looked at the map and recognized that it was too far to make it to a camping ground that evening.  At the end of the Park gates was a large parking area, we pulled over, ate supper, and read stories until the girls fell asleep.  The Hero, sat his table outside on the ground next to the van so we could make the girls bed on the floor and we could sleep in the back.  It got chilly and we ended up with all of us snuggled on the bed.  The Hero woke up first, and began to clean up the sleeping gear so I could make breakfast.  He discovered it was COLD (a note here, it was cold but not freezing, however the Hero thought anything below 70 was freezing, lol).  He opened the door, then closed it quickly.  His decision was that we were driving on to find a place to go to the bathroom and eat breakfast.  I started dressing the girls as he drove.  From the front of the van about a half an hour down the road I heard.... "Oh no!"  I responded with "What is wrong?"   (Head slap) "I forgot to pick up the table.  It is sitting on the side of  the road."   Deep sigh from the Hero, "I guess, I'll have to make another."
Another lesson.  Don't rush off from your camp, you will always forget something. 


  1. From the last picture, I thought maybe you ran into a freak blizzard. I enjoy your stories. Shari

  2. Yes, I know. That is the only picture I have of the bus in all the time we had it. I know we had others but they appear to be lost. This was a freak snow storm in lower Texas. : )
    Glad you are enjoying.