Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 Happy Veterans Day!

While my dad was living, Veteran's Day was always very important to him. He was proud of having served in the Army Corp of Engineers. I wrote a little about him in a previous blog post.  
I thought I would just post some pictures from when he was in Europe in WWII.  Hope you enjoy.
Newspaper write up in the Pawnee Chief

Marcelle France. The 12 year old girl he always wondered what happened to her. The fellow soldier unnamed

Company 1308 D Army Corp of Engineers

Unknown Soldier and Lester Langley on right in Nice, France.  Maybe some one will recognize.

Lester on the left, T4 Good on the right, Picture says 'the day I got out of hospital in France' (Lester's hand writing)

Lester 1943 Marcelle France
Record of Honorable Discharge. Is not online.


  1. If you got here before I caught it, I have dyslexic moments. I have reversed Lester and T4 Good. I sure hope someone will see these pictures that might recognize the men.

  2. Wonderful pictures! What a handsome man he was! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you Lori for stopping by and commenting. He was handsome, :) and a wee bit vain in his younger years. ; )