Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sentimental Sunday... The Hero Had An Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Hero was always interested in small businesses. He researched all aspects of business. What made it successful, advertising, legalities, marketing, so many different facets.  I asked him why the interest? He said he loved business, and his High School DE  instructor had taught them so much about being in business for yourself, that he was going to do it himself. He was a member of DECA.  DECA still exists today.
The Hero is on the far left. Below, he is in the center.

These are clipping of the same accomplishment. As you can tell their DE was very good.

The Hero had several very good business ventures. One was a decking company.  It was quite successful until the economy took a dip in Houston because of the down turn of the oil industry in the 1980's.  He had a couple more endeavors, but the timing never seemed right for his own company. When he began his battle with cancer, he decided that if he couldn't build his own company, he would make others successful.  He took on several different endeavors of others and in truth assisted them in succeeding.  He believed everyone should have a chance to achieve. 
I was always be amazed at his ability to write bookkeeping programs to fit the specific needs of specialty companies. He made beautiful brochures.  His ability to write legal forms, and fight legal battles for the companies was amazing.  His bookshelf was full of computer software instructional books, legal books, and marketing books.  He applied what he learned early in life to help others achieve their dreams.

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