Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sentimental Sunday... The Hero Continues to Encourage Others.

When the Hero pushed me to attend my 40th (no old people comments), little did we know it would have far- reaching affects on myself and others.
While we were there, I renewed an old friendship. This is good.  The class was auctioning items to help cover the cost of the reunion. (They are probably the closest class in the Edmond High School ever.) Two of the items were original paintings by my friend. He fell in love with them and won the auction for them.

This one of the painting he won. It is items from her life.
When he visited with her about them, he was saddened to learn she didn't have a great image of herself as an artist and her mother had discouraged her from pursuing her love.  This was just something she had started doing again. He told her, in his estimation, that her work was of great worth.  She should continue. He repeated to me when we got home that he hoped she would keep painting.  He had hoped to sell at least one painting to prove to her it had great worth.  Unfortunately, we found out about his cancer and that diverted his attention so he was never able to achieve his goal.  It was with gratitude, I received this letter this week. I have modified it to keep her family names out of it.  It would have made the Hero very happy to know.

Hi Fran, If this works, you should see included, a pic of the painting I took to my first granddaughter who lives in Colorado Springs.  I'm writing a story or series of stories to go w/ it.  My granddaughter loved it & sat right down & started naming the animals & making their sounds!  She's 19 mos.  I've got new granddaughter, her painting planned-a fish tank w/bright saltwater fish.  It'll be 22x26 same as the other one.  I think of your email informing the class of your husbands passing & the last part telling me he said to keep painting.  That was such an inspiration to me!!! I've been doing just that - thank u so much! Love u 


  1. How inspiring! Wonder if I knew the artist.

  2. A wonderful legacy, and the painting is charming!

  3. Shari, it is Lynda.
    Carol thank you her painting are very pretty and my digital does not do it justice for the dept that actual painting has.