Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sentimental Sunday: The Hero's Dream at 16.

Most young men dream of cars, big jobs, et cetera, I guess the Hero did too, however going through his book of writings, I found a poem of his wish for his future.  I am far from home so I can not share the poem.  Will do that when I return home.  I have put off writing his stories now for too long.  A bit of writer's block as well as over whelming challenges in life.  Back to my story
The Hero simply wished to dance with his beautiful daughters at their wedding.  He said that many times later as our daughters grew.  I am happy to say this wish the Hero realized two times... It would have happened four but two daughters didn't have dancing at their wedding receptions.
Here are pictures of the two daughters and the Hero.
Mily and the Hero, He had so much fun planning this reception with her sisters.

Little Miss Sunshine and the Hero. Wonderful story behind this one..  Click and Read Here.
I am thankful he was able to enjoy these time with his daughters, it made sweet memories for both of them. He was a dreamer.

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  1. Sweet pictures. Sweet story. The father daughter dance is very special.