Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Serving Others.

Clayton Library for Genealogical Research in Houston. Having an activity on how to preserve photos. 
Today, I was having some fun on Pinterest.  It is a place I save things I want to go back to later. I have repinned some provident living things that I knew would be helpful for making sure I would not be found wanting.  In doing so, I began to see a trend of people posting things to help themselves against disasters.  I did not see any one posting things that would be serving others, thus I have started a board called "Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You".  I decided to start sharing and keeping places that people help each other.  Here, I will emphasize Genealogy service.  I can not share one of my favorite sources twitter, because it is too wide a river of information. There are many who share helpful genealogy information all the time. I give a big shout out to all my gen friends on Twitter.  I will share some Genealogy helps I have come across.
Facebook has a new version of RAOGK  They also have many genealogy research communities and research groups.  If you are interested in helps for Genealogy Societies, and tips on research, We Tree  is an example of genealogy service.  There are several technological helpers in the blogging genealogy community 4YourFamilyStory ,  Modern Software Experience , and geneabloggers.com are examples.  If you just Google 'genealogy societies bulletin', or something similar, you will find a wealth of genealogy societies that have websites and information on what they have to share.  I only shared a very small example of awesome bloggers of genealogy helps.
I am glad I am in the genealogy world. I love the way they help us learn, and research. It is uplifting to watch how they encourage each other to continue their research. Other areas of society would do well to watch and learn from them on how to build people up.
If you are interested in helping this link is about volunteering.  Check with  your local genealogy library they can use volunteers too, as their budgets may have been cut reducing their staff.

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  1. Thank you for the mention. I must agree that genealogists are the best. I've made so many friends online and in person at genealogy events.

    Volunteering is a great way to help others. It is very personally rewarding as well. :)