Sunday, July 5, 2009

WOW! My dream..90 years Young.

Ned and I between Ed and Mildred Ellsworth at our wedding.
Ed and Mildred on the right

Ted assisting Mildred into the Party

Little did I know when I married my Hero 39 years ago, that I would have a wonderful lady come into my life to influence me so very much. You are usually just focused on the new mate, and not on the family you are marrying into. My mother-in-law, while not perfect, was a caring, and loving in-law. She would avoid stepping into personal areas, but would tell us if she thought we had not done something we should have. She taught my children the value of thank you cards, of conducting yourself with a genteel spirit when out in public, of keeping your vocabulary clean, and of loving each other.
Today, we celebrated the 90th birthday of my mother-in-law. All four generations were represented there. She was a beautiful example of how to raise your children to be productive loving and caring adults. She was a great example to me of how to be a gracious widow. We have had fun times together. An example is, she was first on my cell phone list. I would be outside watering the garden, and I would hear my pocket making funny noises...when I pulled it out there she would be trying to get my attention because my pocket called her. She would laugh and say "you're filling my answering machine up" I finally, changed her to my third number to preserve her from trying to get to the phone.
The summer before Ned died, she was voted July resident of the month
She was so excited. A woman of 89, excited as a little girl at receiving an award. We drove 1 and a half hours to watch her receive it.
I hope that at the age of 90 I have the stamina, mental health, and joy in me that she does. She will tell you that she wins at bingo and skip bo weekly. With a giggle she says, "I worry that the others (in the Assisted Living Home) will turn me in as cheating." She is precious in our sight and we hope
you find joy in hearing about her.
My pictures are not ready, so I will post the party pictures later.


  1. Lovely tribute! I enjoyed reading it very much.

  2. My MIL is also wonderful so I know how lucky you feel to have her.

  3. Thank your for your posts. I appreciate you all coming by.