Friday, April 9, 2010

Areas That Need To Be Finished.

I was visiting my pedigree on and saw where I just stopped on some lines and had not gone back and uploaded corrections.  Sloppy genealogist.  Now I have to find my password to fix it.  Sigh, have I expressed my dislike for passwords before...??? I HATE passwords. 

One of the families I was looking at was Elizabeth Bradford who married John Davidson.  When I first started working on this line, I hadn't a clue who Elizabeth was other than there was a probate of her estate after her death.  No clues, that I knew of, as to what her maiden name was. I began by searching the IGI, back in the old days of using CDs, and came across a John Davidson and Elizabeth Bradford daughter of Thomas Bradford in Pickens, Alabama.  That was the right place, no source was provided, but it gave me a starting point to look for. 

My personal theory is John Davidson bought land in Carroll county and was planning to move to Carroll Co. Mississippi, but died before he could move.  There is a probate of his estate in Alabama and Mississippi.  He died before 1835.  Then I  found this, while searching for Porter probate records in 1840's, a tie in with Thomas Bradford. 
[I am sorry I am not well practiced at using a digital camera yet.]  The above is from Carroll County Mississippi 1946 probate records.  This excerpt shows Thomas Bradford requesting a note from the John Davidson Estate for said amounts.  The first is in 1832 the second is in 1846. 
Now I will have to go back further in the probate records to find more about John Davidson's records and I believe it will start in Pickens County, Alabama.  I will have to look at Thomas Bradford's estate in 1848 when he died to see if there is a tie in as I believe there will be, but I need concrete evidence. 
Proofs...I need to tie this up it has waited too long.


  1. Does any of it come on-line. A personal visit.
    I should try taking a photo of a document. It didn't look too bad. I bet it's harder than you make it seem. jo

  2. Well, rootdigger, it is a matter of holding still, the right angles (which I have not achieved) and lighting. We have a patron at the FHC that even brings a black cloth to wrap his area in to keep the lighting just right. Perfectionist. You can get some documents online then you can save them pdf. This was one I ordered through the SLC Family History Library to the family History center. Thanks for coming by. I discovered one more of your blogs. ;)

  3. I'm with you on that hating passwords thing. I just have too many - tons at work, bunches for all my daughter's college stuff, and then all the genealogy databases, too.