Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Don't Know Who You Are But Thank You

This is a shot in the dark post. 
As I drove into town this day before Easter, I looked up and I beheld a beautiful huge cross across the sky.  I searched for my camera and alas, it was not in the car.  
A pilot had created a cross through means of a vapor trail.  At 8:30am, the sun was exactly in the center of the cross.  It was beautiful to behold. It instantly brought the meaning of Easter, the atonement, and the sacrifice of Christ to mind.  I am grateful to my Saviour.
I do not know who the pilot is, but I hope that someone who knows someone will know who did it and pass along my THANK YOU to him. 
It was a wonderful Easter gift.


  1. WOW! What a beautiful gift to receive for Easter!

  2. Frances, I wonder if others saw it as well, and wouldn't be wonderful if somebody had their camera (sorry abt. that), and took a picture for the newspaper. You never know. But at least you were lucky to see it, one memory you won't forget.

  3. I love those unexpected moments too, You read about them in books where it affects this and that. and it says to you hey it really happens.
    And makes us thankful. You weren't to busy to notice. I imagine that it would make him thankful to know he had been appreciated. Don't you wonder about the story behind him that we will never know.