Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sentimental Sunday... The Hero's Got Locked In

First off, Happy Mother's Day to all. Yesterday, I spent time with the Hero's mom, whom I love greatly! Today I will spend time with my mom. 
I went to the Miller Outdoor Theater with my daughter and her family of 4 sons to see the Houston Ballet .  The grandsons were totally into the Hush performance.  We all loved the score.  The Miller Outdoor Theater is across the way from the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences and the Burke-Baker Planetarium.  As we were driving by after the ballet, I remembered a story and asked my daughter if her dad had ever told her about being locked in the Museum of Natural Sciences building?  Her answer was no, and the grandsons 15 and 16 were all ears.  
A side note, when this was told to me there was a definite twinkle in his eye with a slow grin.
When the Hero was a freshman in college, he took a girl to the Burke-Baker Planetarium for a late showing of their  Stars of Texas.  As he said, with a twinkle, how romantic can you get, leaning back looking at the stars and not one mosquito.  (LOL, will have to tell you the story about him and the mosquitoes) 
I will pause here and explain that in order to get into the Planetarium, you have to go through the Museum of Natural Science entrance, the MofNS closes before the Planetarium.  
The date was going well, they enjoyed the show.  When it was over, they began to wander down the hall way looking at the pictures announcing future exhibits not watching the time.  He thought he was cool, arm around the girl, talking intellectually. ; )   Then they got to the entrance and discovered it was locked with a chain.  Now his date began to become upset, and he had  find the security guard.  His date was sure they would go to jail.  They looked around and couldn't see anyone.  The Hero thought that logically the security offices should be downstairs.  Downstairs they went, but no offices, now the date is becoming really upset and the hero had to step up his efforts to find the guard. (My 15 year old grandson inserted here... upset...why?  that would be so cool... can you tell he's an off spring of his grandfather)   They searched for about 30 minutes before the security guard found them.  There were a lot of questions, but the guard quickly assessed they were silly kids on a date gone wrong.  He let them out the side entrance.  The Hero said he took his date home, but that was their last date.  He couldn't understand why she thought he had done it on purpose.  (Snicker)


  1. What a cute story! I seem to remember getting locked in somewhere when a friend and I wandered off from the main group to sight see. Now a days it wouldn't be such a big deal with all our cell phones but "back in the day" when we couldn't even imagine such conveniences, it could have been very bad for a gal when she got home!

  2. Very cute story. I cannot understand why she would not date him again. But, then again, aren't you glad it worked out that way??

  3. Yes, lucky you :-)

  4. Yes, I was very lucky. There were a lot of close calls along the way but it all worked out for good in the end. Liza is right though, back in the day there wasn't cell phones, and Oh, I forgot, he didn't have change for the pay phones, an important part of the story. Thanks. ; )