Thursday, November 12, 2009

The new Kreativ Blogger Award: Thanks Linda

I have never had this experience.  Thank you Linda of Flipside for giving me the honor. You and Lori are really great people and wonderful examples of how to encourage others.
According to Linda, the winner of the award has to list seven things about themselves and then pass the award along to seven other bloggers. My best try:
1. I love genealogy with a passion.
2. My goal is to organize my family history files...then I find more information and oops.
3. My other passion is my family, all six children and 13 soon (any day) 14 grandchildren.
4. I love plants all aspects of them(except fire ants...they are a plague)
5. I am fascinated with blogging and hope to increase my skills and knowledge.
6. The best time I have is searching the "detective trail" (as my son calls it) of my or    others families.  My son thinks genealogists should be undercover agents.  lol.
7. I love sewing.  Creating.  Life is good.

I understand I am to pass the Kreativ Blogger along. I try to read as many blogs as my internet connection holding up will allow me to.  Since I am part of geneabloggers, that is were I read the most, occasionally I venture out as you can tell.  I could make this hard and sneak it back to Linda, but I won't this time.

1. Barbara at Life from the Roots
2. Joan at Root's N Leaves
3. Muddy Boot Dreams at Muddy Boots Dreams
4. Dr Bill at Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories
5. Texasblu at Haven
6. Cindi at Everythings Relative
7. Travis at TJLGenes