Thursday, July 2, 2009

Valley Forge Eyewitness

When we were a young married couple, my sweetie Ned wanted a good painting. He found an Arnold Friberg print. We loved it. It represented how we felt about our country, was beautiful on the wall. Arnold Friberg art

I started researching my family history and discovered I had an American Revolutionary Soldier in my mother's line, a Benanuel Bonfoey. He was among those who suffered through the winter at Valley Forge. How wonderful to hear his personal testimony given about the character of General George Washington. In the book 'Commemorative Biographical Record', it is recorded that Benanuel "referred with pride to the fact of Gen. Washington's concern for and care of his men, and that he was like a father to the soldiers, cheering or inspiring them with hope as best he could". 1

I am glad I had an ancestor that was a part of making this nation and inspite of hard ships, he looked upon his experience with gratitude for his association with a great man.

1. Commemorative Biographical Record of Connecticut Page 685 (I know this is not complete, but I like a thoughtless historian, did not write down the rest of the information)