Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen

This is my birthday and I am going to do what I want. 
I internally still see myself at 16 want to join me for cake?
I was showing off my High School class ring.


  1. Happy Birthday. Question: Did you use those gigantic plastic rollers in your hair, or give up and use juice cans with knitting needles for picks like some of the people I knew did?

  2. Great picture. Love your hair, dress, ring, cake and presents. Happy Birthday. You are forever 16.

  3. Happy Birthday to You

    Happy Birthday to You

    Happy Birthday dear Hummer (Frances)


    (BTW, I celebrated recently too!)

  4. You don't need to publish this comment, but, when I leave a comment, I get a message in my email like this:

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    The email account that you tried to reach does not exist."

    But, I know you are getting the comments, as you publish them.

    So, I'll keep deleting the email! LOL

  5. Carol I hope you get this. I thank you for calling my attention to the email error. I hope it is fixed. I was typing too fast it seems. Hugs. Thanks.!
    Thank you to everyone for your comments. Granny Pam, I used those sponge curlers for awhile then I gave up and brushed and I was what I was...; ) that's me.
    Thanks Barbara

  6. Happy Birthday, Hummer! You are exactly right - you can do what you want on your birthday!

  7. WOW....I almost missed your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUMMER. I love your blog and I would most certainly love to have a piece of birthday cake.....I NEVER pass up Can you remember what was hiding inside those birthday packages???

  8. Happy Birthday from New Hampshire! I also have to say "Hau'oli lā hānau!"- that's Happy Birthday in Hawaiian. I didn't know that phrase three weeks ago, but I've used it three times in the past two days!

  9. Happy Birthday - only a little late. I hope that you enjoyed your day!