Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sentimental Sunday The Hero and Teaching His Children to Drive

You can tell from the title this is going to be a hoot.  I never knew the Hero to be laid back or to approach things in an relaxed manner.  Teaching his teen age children to drive wasn't any different. 
The oldest was the hardest.  She had to learn to drive a pick up with a clutch.  The most memorable event, was when he was letting her drive to school.  They needed to slow down, if I remember right. ( Girls, you can correct what ever I get wrong. )  He was excited and said "Hit the brake!  She did, they chugged.  That excited him more, "Hit The Brake! The Brake!".... she did, they jerked.  He yells, "Pull over!"... Now he was overwhelmed with anxiety..."Stop! your going to drive us into the ditch!"  By this time, the very independent daughter was ready to get out and walk.  He then became sheepish, at least he was when he told me, because he remembered he had said the Brake and he meant the Clutch.  HAHAHA.... Clutch. 
The other daughter has already had her say on her blog, if you want to read it click here.
All the kids remembered that one.
He had not learned a lot by the time the youngest daughter was driving.  He took her out and when they got home he wanted to give her some encouragement.  He said, "You drive better backwards than forwards."  (Sometimes you just need to leave it alone....)
The youngest son had to have some input.  He gave a slow grin, and said, "Dad teach me to drive? Well,  there was this time I almost missed a turn and he made me drive 35 miles an hour all the way home."  Now that is torture. 
Needless to say the Hero did not quit his day job to become a Drivers Ed teacher.  Lol

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  1. No - you have it wrong. I was driving fine, but he wanted me to pull over to let him drive through town. He told me to pull over on the gravel, but it was my maiden voyage and I had no idea what to do with his gear shift when stopping. He was screaming at me to hit the clutch - he meant the brake. I kept expecting him to tell me what gear to shift the car into so it would stop. I finally screamed back at him "I AM HITTING THE CLUTCH!" It took him a second to register and then he started waving his hands saying, "The brake, the brake!" So I slammed my foot into the brake and we almost slid into the ditch. That was the last time/only time he taught me. I didn't have a problem with the shifting at all - but I was relieved 'cause I hated driving that truck.