Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sentimental Sunday The Hero and Driving Distractions

 This is one of several driving stories;  it goes with my life style with the Hero.
Our favorite activity was to explore our surrounding areas where we lived and take road trips.  While we traveled, we would read to each other and talk about...oh, everything.
The first and much teased about event happened  early in our marriage.  We were driving around looking at land for sale and visiting friends.  This was when Houston was surrounded by two lane roads.  The road to Tomball was long and uneventful at the time.  That being said, you can imagine  my surprise and horror when I looked up from the book I was reading to see we were in the wrong lane and a truck coming.  My shout startled the Hero and he corrected his path. When we were back on the right side of the road, he said "Look at that! A White Rino!"  Now that is worthy of a look.  I looked out at the pasture to my right and there was a big white cow.  Confused I looked at him...'a what?'  When I looked back, I saw what he had seen.  I had to laugh.  A long horn cow had it's head turned behind the front white cow.  The vision was like a White Rino with a huge horn.  A casual glance from the Hero had caught the impression and made him take a second look to see this wild beast in a cow pasture.
First, I would start giggling and look at him and say "What would we have told the ambulance drivers, we saw a 'White Rino'?.. then I would burst into laughter. This tapered into just saying "White Rino" followed by giggles and laughter, however, by the time we arrive at the house, he was laughing too.
The moral to this event is don't believe everything you think you see.  ; )