Friday, August 13, 2010

Follow Friday Inspirations

Today as I saw Follow Friday tweets come up on twitter, I began to contemplate what would I blog on that subject.  My blogging is more than just genealogy.  It is my family stories.  I have along the way of my blog evolving, developed, I believe, some blogger friends.  These ladies have been uplifting and encouraging to a blogger that has never been a writer.  I just kind of lay things out there. They are quite knowledgeable in genealogy, where as I have been a jump in and get wet type of researcher from years ago.  Thus, I have learned along the way about many different facets of genealogy from them. 
There have been others, and I do not mean to slight anyone, but these three have been friends to me for sometime and I want to say 'ThankYou'  to them.
Linda at Flipside,
Carol at Reflections from the Fence and
Barbara at Life from the Roots