Friday, August 13, 2010

Follow Friday Inspirations

Today as I saw Follow Friday tweets come up on twitter, I began to contemplate what would I blog on that subject.  My blogging is more than just genealogy.  It is my family stories.  I have along the way of my blog evolving, developed, I believe, some blogger friends.  These ladies have been uplifting and encouraging to a blogger that has never been a writer.  I just kind of lay things out there. They are quite knowledgeable in genealogy, where as I have been a jump in and get wet type of researcher from years ago.  Thus, I have learned along the way about many different facets of genealogy from them. 
There have been others, and I do not mean to slight anyone, but these three have been friends to me for sometime and I want to say 'ThankYou'  to them.
Linda at Flipside,
Carol at Reflections from the Fence and
Barbara at Life from the Roots


  1. Why thank you Frances, what a nice thing to say. We sure do love genealogy AND flowers don't we?

  2. Oh, my, well, blush, blush, thank you. And, that is pretty good company you placed my name in the middle of! I am quite humbled to be included in this list and pleased to call you ALL my internet blogging friends.