Thursday, August 12, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday " Rambo of the American Revolution."

I have blogged reference to a couple of times about my ancestor Captain Lemuel Roberts b. 1751 in Canaan, Connecticut died about 1813 in Vermont.  I have found his children's birth records on FamilySearch records, and a cousin had traveled to Ira, Vermont and got his marriage record to Sarah Collins.
He is my treasure chest.  At the suggestion of one of his friends, he was encouraged to write about his Revolutionary War experience.  (He apparently had been complaining that he was never reimbursed for his service.)  The world now finds him to be a treasure of information about the world at that time.(Me too) Here are some sites that cite or hold his book. I am linking a site to each place.
World Cat.
Dr. Paul Loatman, Stillwater, CT City Historian says"The book is fascinating on a number of accounts: it gives us a rare glimpse of life among the lowly in 18th century America; and, it may be the only first-hand source we have from that era which recounts life in the local area."

Memoirs of Captain Lemuel Roberts containing adventures in youth, vicissitudes experienced as a continental soldier, his sufferings as a prisoner, and escapes from captivity. Bennington, Vermont, 1809. First edition of an exceptionally rare account of wilderness hardships and captivity among the Indians. Most of the events described took place in 1776. 
(This book is available at many University libraries, including Texas A&M University, in the Revolutionary War reference area.)
American Centuries: History and Art from New England I love this site as an example of how they dressed. It is interactive. (Okay I am a child at heart.)
My gratitude is not only that he chose to serve, but that he did take the time to write it down.  I know much about him as a person.  
Image from Benjamin Butterworth's The Growth of Industrial Ar 

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  1. Hummer, I must say, I'm impressed. A true soldier with so much history in him. You've a right to be proud. I liked reading where he went, as so many of the locations are near me. Next time I go to Deerfield, I'll take pictures for you. Great.

  2. Thanks Barbara, that would be awesome.