Thursday, January 20, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday: Secret Hidden Desires

I spent the day with my mother-in-law today.  I treasure every minute since she is 91 years old.  We were discussing my granddaughter's disappointment that they had canceled her play this year at school.  All of a sudden, MomE turned to me and said did I tell you that I was in plays in school?  The adrenaline rushed.  'No, you have not.'  "Well, I was, I was in several of them, I even helped direct some. It was my life. I loved every minute of it."  'That is awesome!  Do you remember the names of any of them?'  "No, only the one I had the lead part in, Sally Ann Finds Herself.   You won't find it anymore."  'Be careful Mom, I can find it.'  "They won't have it.  You'll see."
Click here to see the play  Sally Ann Finds Herself on
Well folks, I found it.  Internet Archive had a copy of the book which you can flip through digitally and read.  I was so excited, I can't wait to print a picture and take it to her.  She will love it. 
It is an eighth grade play, so she must have been in Jr High School.  There is a great story around her and her love of drama. 
I also found that because of her dysfunctional family, she quit HS and started working.  There are lots of stories I hope to capture in the coming years (I hope) .  The play is cute.  Have a read, and go back in time.


  1. How wonderful to be able to talk to an older relative and then to use the Internet to elaborate on the information they provide!

  2. Good job on tying this two together!

  3. What a great story! Isn't it amazing what we can find on the net these days??? FAB!!!

  4. How did we ever survive before the web? A few years ago, I found a play my g. grandmother had written for her students (she taught in a one room school house) on the web - it is amazing what is there if we only have time to look.

  5. You are a good researcher,I can't wait to hear how she reacts to you finding the book. I read the first page, sweet. Really nice story Frances.