Monday, January 31, 2011

Amanuensis Monday Letter of Ray Whitson to Little Sister Third post

We left off with Ray telling Mary The dad married....
Page 5
Mother they had to cross over the south Canadian River.  They attempted to cross just below the Fresco RR Bridge.  The bridge had been washed out earlier.
In crossing one of the horses drowned the other horse in a deep pot hole.  Dad cut the horses loose, lost nearly everything.
Mother had to strip down to her red flannels, "it was in the winter".
If the men working on the bridge had not come

Page 6  to their rescue, mother might have drowned.  The river was near flood stage.
My memories of him.
Cotton Cake
I was the fourth child.  At my first recollections as I look back dad was a kind family man, and was until his ordeal with cancer.  On the ranch he took me (only 4 or 5 years of age) with him.  Sometimes on the saddle with him, sometimes in a wagon loaded with cotton seed cake.  They would pour the cake out the back of the wagon onto the ground.....
see you all next Monday Feb 7th. 
This Popular Science in 1894 explains about Cotton Cake and Cotton Seed. Click here to read.

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