Monday, February 7, 2011

Amanuensis Monday Letter of Ray Whitson to Little Sister Fourth installment

The last post left off with Ray telling Mary about cotton seed cake...'would pour the cake out the back of the wagon on the the ground'...
Page 7  ...for the cattle to eat.  One time we were at the watering place (windmill and tank).  Mr Davidson and dad had pure alcohol from Canada hidden near by.  They would delute the alcohol with water and sugar.  They were very secretive about it.
One time just as the moon was coming up, dad let us kids fire his pistol.  I thought I had hit it because of the fire from the gun.
Another time he came racing up on a beautiful ...
Page 8....blaze faced horse, grabbed and kissed mother and told her about the *Champion Jack Johnson being whipped by Jefferies.  He always brought us kids something. 
One time he brought me little red cowboy boots, they were too small.  Shortly before that I had gotten caught in a cyote (coyote) trap, a large bump had formed and I couldn't get the boots on.
Dad was quite a bronc buster.. He had many fine horses.
(There are not any pictures I can find of Harry Whitson on a horse I did find a picture of a blaze horse.)
...See you next week. Hope you are enjoying.  I am finding out history I didn't know.


*[This was "The "Fight of the Century" in 1910 and my grandfather apparently had not stayed to the end.  Champion Jack Johnston was the first African American world heavyweight boxing champion (1908–1915) Click here to read more about him.)

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