Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sentimental Sunday and Sharing a Slice of Life, The Hero Asked Questions

This is a combination post for Sharing a Slice of Life for Texasblu and Sentimental Sunday. They go together; her prompt was to write about an Emotion that brings back a memory for you,  my memory involves the Hero. When I thought about it, I have to admit, the panic I felt back then was nothing compared to the funny picture I now have in my mind of myself.
We were attending a business lecture.  The Hero was a stickler for looking good in public.  I had worn my favorite dress and was feeling pretty.  In fact I had gone into a rendition of "I feel pretty oh so pretty..." just before we left.
After the lecture, I went to stand in line to meet the speaker and ask a few questions.  As I was standing there, I felt a swish on my leg.  I looked down, and egad!, my slip was lying in a neat circle around my ankles.  A quick glance up told me no one had noticed, so I carefully stepped back, bent down and scooped up my slip. I tucked it between my arm and waist and hurried back to the table to put it in my purse.  As I arrived, the Hero said, "What do you have there?"  My response was Shhhh, and looked to see if anyone else was listening.  Luckily, not yet.  He returned with "Why? What are you doing?"  All this was going on as I was stuffing my slip into my purse. [Can you see trying to stuff a calf-length slip into a pocket book purse.] In a quasi (I use that because I was getting desperate and didn't know what I was saying by this time) whisper I said, "Hero, I will tell you later, Not Now!"
As we were leaving, I whispered to him I lost my slip as I was standing in the line.  Was he tactful?  No, he cackled. (Where is my picture of him with his head thrown back and having a big laugh?)  Can you imagine, losing your slip in a public line, and then having your sweetheart cackle about it like it was a great joke?  Well, it was okay, because a day later I was able to laugh about it too.  Today in my mind I can see myself and it seems almost like a 'Lucy' show.  He was right to laugh, maybe not so loud and hard, but a giggle would have been okay. ; )  Grandchildren what can you learn from this Slice of my life to help you in relationships?  Love you.


  1. I remember this. Uhhh... if the elastic is loose use a safety pin? ;D

  2. The picture that popped up in my mind was from "Yours, Mine and Ours"--the one from 1968 and the scene is in the bar. Henry Fonda has gone to get them drinks and Lucy's slip falls off. Hilarious! Maybe not so funny in real life? LOL

  3. EmptyNester and I are on the same page, for that scene from Yours, Mine and Ours popped in my head as I read your story too!

  4. LOL - you handled it perfectly and got away with it. There is a reason why I will never wear cami-knickers again, and it's a similar story... Jo

  5. Thanks for the comments. I had forgotten Yours, Mine, and Ours. LOL...
    Imagespast that sounds funny. ; )