Monday, February 21, 2011

Amanuensis Monday Letter of Ray Whitson to Little Sister Sixth installment

We left off with Ray trying to convey to his sister what kind of father Harry Whitson was...
Page 11: 
We moved to Fay in three covered wagons, took several days, onto grandmother's homestead.  It was close to the Frisco River Bridge.
World War one broke out and dad went to Fort Sill to help as a taxi driver, his own cab, The car did not have a door on the drivers side.  He would climb out over his side of the car hitting his knee on the mechanical horn, bruising it.  Which caused the cancer to start in the knee area.
Page 12:
Doctors didn't know much about cancer at that time.  They thought at first it was only pain cause by the continued knocking.
He had a nervous breakdown and had to be rushed to Oklahoma City where they cut the leg off at the knee. 
They tried to get him to cut the leg off at the hip.  He wanted to have an artificial leg, being an outdoors man all his life.  I think he would have lived many years longer if had.
It was at the time...
TO be continued....
Surgery would have been done at St Anthony Hospital.  I will have to investigate this further.  This was where I was a Inhalation Therapy Tech during the Viet Nam War.
A snippet view click here to read more about St Anthony Hospital

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