Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FamilySearch Indexing Moving Forward

I began indexing for FamilySearch while the Hero was in and out of hospitals while fighting cancer.  There would be hours sitting by his side while he was resting or sleeping that I would index on our laptop.   He loved family history research and was excited that there was a way we could give back.
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I was looking at my Indexing Goals for this year, and feel for me they are realistic with all I do.  I plan to Index 500 names a month and Arbitrate 500 names a month.
 FamilySearch Indexing has posted its goals for 2011. 
Below is a synopsis.  Click here to read the entire article
  • Encourage 175,000 volunteers to participate
  • Assist volunteers in contributing regularly, at least once a month
  • Help first-time indexers feel more comfortable with the program
  • Complete 220 million records
We hope the first three goals will help us easily reach the fourth goal. The best way for us to increase the number of records we complete is to go out and find more people to index and continue indexing.

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  1. Thank you for doing this! HUGS from someone who has benefited.